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This is the Ann Arbor Chapter of Mobile Monday, an international organization that works with local, regional, national and global mobile industry visionaries and developers fostering cooperation and cross-company business development through virtual and live networking events. Find out more...

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Mobatech is dedicated to designing and developing cutting-edge mobile phone software. We focus on creating innovative lifestyle and personal productivity applications that integrate seamlessly into our customer's everyday lives.

Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Greg Schwartz in April 2003, Mobatech's products include the best-selling Mobile Checkbook, Mobile Bartender and Datepedia applications. To date Mobatech's product line has been sold to consumers in more than 70 countries worldwide and is distributed by some of the world's largest mobile providers including Sprint / Nextel, T-Mobile, Orange, RIM (BlackBerry) and Sony Ericsson.

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